Our core values describe the character of Sunnyside and reflect the best aspect of our business.



  • Standing firm for what is right, delivering an commitments, being resilient and trustworthy
  • Taking personal accountability, being decisive, using judgement and common sense, empowering others


Sunnyside has been servicing clients over Asia-Pacific region with an aim to consult and connect businesses.  We brought diverse people ad cultures together for mutual benefits.


We believe that diversity brings benefits for our clients, our business and our people.  The more different perspectives we have, the better equipped we'll be to meet the client's demands.  We create a working environment that is open, supportive and inclusive at every level.  One where individuality is embraced, doors are opened and recruitment and progression are based on merit.


As a maxim for decision-making, we aim to achieve long term balance of commercial, social and environmental responsibility. At Sunnyside, we believe that the long term prosperity of clients represents the best basis for their success. We are committed to thinking and acting in a sustainable manner in all aspect of our business. Sustainability enables us to project a distinctive image in the market and creates continuity across the time and generations.


Our skills and knowledge of business world are applied to help clients consider broader societal impacts and identify opportunities in every aspect of running a business. We use a firm and organised approach of acquiring information about the current state of micro and macro economic environment. We analyse 'business knowledge' through acquiring a detailed understanding of client's functions, the processes and tasks which are employed to accomplish those functions, and the relationship of those functions.


Innovative ideas are within our blood.  We think consistently in areas such as positive changes in efficiency, productivity, quality, competitiveness and services.


We are opened to different ideas and cultures, communicating openly, honestly and transparently.  We welcome challenge and learn from mistakes.  We listen, treat people fairly, being inclusive, valuing different perspectives.