The simple goal of a Sunnyside Financial Adviser is to guide you through financial uncertainty by providing you with a plan giving you control over your financial future.  We offer you tax-effective financial and investment advice with ongoing support.

The first step in financial success is understanding where you are now and where you want to be.  The key is to then access the right kind of financial information and advice which will help you with your financial goals.  

We have developed a guide which will allows you to refer to different stages of life so you can find one which best matches yours. Then you can start to understand the financial goals and needs you may be facing. This will not only raise awareness of financial issues, but allows you to start preparing for the future.

Have a look at the lifestages below and see how Sunnyside can help you achieve the kind of future you desire:

Starting out

(young professional)

Building savings and managing your super can become a rewarding habit. Our adviser can help you set up a regular investment plan and provide guidance on setting a budget.


Focus on saving

Compound interest means earning interest on interest. If you invested $40 every month at 5% interest you could have an additional $35,524 in 30 years*. You will accumulate over $20,000 of interest from contributing less than $500 a year!


Emergency Fund

It is also important to keep an emergency fund in cash. Save this money in a high-interest savings account or CD. You'll gain interest and help prevent against the effects of inflation.


Retirement Savings 

It’s important for you to look to the future and decide how much they can afford to contribute to your retirement accounts on a monthly basis (based on current earning power).

Changing priorities


Getting your finances in order makes sense, it is time to make your money work for you!


Government co-contributions can help boost your super balance

Currently if you earn less than $50,454 per annum you can qualify to receive a Government co-contribution of up to a maximum of $500 each financial year. If you are eligible, you need to make personal contributions up to $500. Find out more by clicking on our super co-contributions page.


Start investing

Building an investment portfolio may seem daunting but we can help. We have several investment products designed to meet many different investment and savings needs. Find out more about investment fundamentals or look at our investment product options.


Get a head start for your children

It is becoming more and more difficult for young people to buy a house without help from their parents. And future generations may have to rely solely on their own money to fund their retirement. So building a nest egg for your children has become more important than ever.

Building Wealth


Life is not a straight path, and every so often our priorities change. But as this happens, you need to assess your situation and feel confident that you could manage financially if any issues arise.


Have you considered growing your retirement savings by salary sacrificing into super?

Salary sacrifice contributions are only taxed at the rate of 15% going into the super fund, compared with your salary, which may be taxed at a higher rate. Find out more by visiting our salary sacrifice page.


Do you have enough insurance?

It is estimated that over 60% of Australians are under-insured*. If anything happened, could you cover the costs of repaying the mortgage, paying bills and meeting medical or funeral expenses? A range of personal insurances are available to you through super and investment products for example life insurance or income protection.

Life after work


It is time to plan your next move. Whether you are just thinking about retiring or have already done so, you have a lot of options available to you.


Want to slow down, but not reduce your income?

If you want to reduce your working hours or pay less tax without reducing your disposable income, a transition to retirement (TTR) strategy could be the answer.


Managing your retirement income

Once you have met a condition of release you can withdraw your superannuation as a lump sum or commence a superannuation pension. The most common ways to access a retirement income stream are:

  • Allocated pensions – using only superannuation savings
  • Annuities – using either super savings or ordinary (non-super) money
  • Get expert advice on the best retirement strategy for you

Estate Planning

Studies show that at least 45% of Australians do not have a valid will. If you die without a will your assets will be distributed according to a pre-determined formula with certain family members receiving a defined percentage of your assets despite what you may have wished.*It is perhaps the time to start determining which assets may eventually be left to beneficiaries and we will help you put in place the estate plan.  




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