Get more Income without a sweat

At Sunnyside, we going on a journey together with our client to wealth creation and financial freedom through property investing. We aim at providing our client with exceptional service and we deliver results.


We offer research, coaching and guide our client to financial freedom.  Our 12 month Property Advisory program designed for property investors who are looking for a predictable journey of financial freedom.   Our program provides resources to speed up client's progress.  The mentors on the program are celebrated heros in their field.  They are typically people who have built multi-million property portfolio and are thought-leaders.  The mentors share their real world experiences and give feedback to our clients in small group or one-to-one environments.  Our clients consistently tell us that the program was a catalyst for dramatic improvements far exceeding what they could have accomplished on their own.


We are known for being our client's secret weapon when it comes to property investing and wealth creation.  We leave our clients feeling free to focus on what they do best.


For more details, please contact our adviser.